New Browser Based Web Site Editing! Can it work for you?

Craig Volding is President of WonderWebUSA, specializing in reasonably priced small business web site packages featuring web browser based editing (Remote Control). Back articles plus information on upcoming Internet marketing workshops can be found at www.WonderWebUSA.com

Can it work for you?
About web sites. Despite the fading hype, if you want to take advantage of internet marketing opportunities, you've got to have one. But you must pay it some attention to get results. What works for you is probably different than for someone else, and you probably won't or didn't get it right the first time. Regardless, your web site should be the hub and center of your marketing efforts. Expect it to take some trial and error to find what works best, but when you do, look out. Your results will justify the effort. So what are your web site creation options? Until now, there have been two primary options to creating a web site for your business or organization. Now there is a third. Call it, option – New. So let's examine those options.

Option 1. Hire help. Finding the right talent, talent that will be there as your web site needs evolve, is a great choice. Nothing beats qualified, talented, professional help. Unfortunately this can get pretty expensive. Sometimes you just don't have the financial resources to hire the right people, either on your staff or out-sourced. And about hiring amateurs, do you really need to learn that lesson one more time? What happens when that college whiz kid moves on?

Option 2. Learn how to do it yourself. Now I am a firm believer in the resolve, resourcefulness and can-do attitude of the small business person. Buy the books, take the classes, search the web, buy the software, learn how to use it, and so on. I know you can do it, but it doesn't take brilliance to figure out that you probably have much better uses for your time, talent and focus. You just can't save enough money doing it yourself to justify the time away from you business and family life. So far, I am not telling you anything you don't already know. So what's the solution.

Option - New! Web sites featuring browser based editing. What's this? These start as pre-build web site packages. These sites just need to be personalized and molded to your business needs. All you need to do this is your internet browser, Internet Explored for example, and a standard dial-up or faster internet connection. Just view a page or pages you need to personalize or modify, enter a password, and make the changes live. Add pages, photos, text as easy as point & click. Don't like the way it came out, just change it. Live, 24/7, and usually at little or no additional cost above a flat monthly all inclusive fee. Why, because you are doing it yourself. You don't need any special software or special skills. If you can get to any Internet connection, start Internet Explorer, and remember your password, that's all you need. You still must provide your own pictures, do your own writing and figure out your message, but you would need to do that anyway.

Now, if you are willing to trade some of your time by doing part of the work yourself, you can save quite a bit of money and gain actual control of your own site. You concentrate on what you want the pages to say and what pictures you want to use, but you don't have to learn all the web stuff. That's part is already taken care of for you.

There are a few, yet growing number of companies offering this type of web site package. As with everything, all are not equal, and no one package is right for everyone. Some are very basic, quite simple to use, yet offer few variations or flexibility. Other packages offer many more variations, options and features. Remember to choose a package that you will not quickly out grow.

Once you learn how to make the edits yourself, and it is pretty easy, you can build out a great site. It can be very satisfying. You can get your site going quickly and are not dependent on someone else to make changes or updates. The web company you choose should help get you off to a good start and be there if you get stuck. Don't think these web site packages are only basic. Some offer very advanced features, including secure online catalog ordering capabilities. Is this the right solution for you? Only you can decide. But isn't it nice to have another option.

Simple yet well planned E-mail marketing practices combined with an easy to manage, consumer friendly web site will dramatically improve your marketing results and maximize your advertising dollar. Take some time to get it right and watch your business grow. Other Web Cents' articles and information on upcoming Internet marketing workshops can be found at www.WonderWebUSA.com.

Craig Volding is President of WonderWebUSA, specializing in inexpensive small business web site packages featuring web browser based editing (Remote Control).
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