The Newhall Signal
Firm Makes Web Updating Easy
by Marci Wormser

Signal Business Writer

As the co-owner of a real estate business, Craig Volding knows firsthand how important it is for small businesses to maintain websites for their companies.

He also knows how expensive it can be for small businesses to maintain those web-sites.

Volding is the owner of He started the Web business in order to make it easier and less expensive for small and medium sized businesses to develop and maintain their sites., started in 1996, is a web design firm consisting of owners Craig Voiding and his wife, Sandy Troxell. Hugh McDonald is a co-developer, and employees include Kimberly Wortelboer, Tracy Gallegos and marketing coordinator Cathy Ritz.

Both Voiding and McDonald have had prior experience in building websites for businesses.

About a year ago, Volding developed and released the Remote Control Series, which enables companies to build and maintain their own websites with no prior Web experience. In fact, the only prerequisite needed for users to put together and update their site with the program is the ability to type, Volding said.

"People want a low-cost way to have a high-end website," Volding said. "Small and medium-sized businesses don't have the budget to hire some web-site guru to work on their site."

"What's nice about a website is it gives (small businesses) exposure and legitimacy," he said. "These days, if a small business is not on the Internet, they're not in business."

With the Remote Control Series, users can select one of several pre-made designs for their company's pages. Users can also modify and update their pages whenever they need to, simply by using a password and typing in the text.

Clients can easily change text, color schemes, images and photos online from any computer. No special software or training is required, and there are no administrative or design costs.

"We can deliver a super high-end website, one that makes it look like they spent thousands on it, for less than a $1OOO," Volding said.
McDonald sets up the sites from his office for clients. Clients can have as many pages as they want for their site. They are charged a first-time flat fee and then are charged only a small monthly fee, Volding said, adding that he has clients all over the country and even internationally.

Without the series, small businesses would either have to contract to an outside source and pay for all website changes, which is more expensive than Volding's service, he said, or they would need to pay for a member of their staff to maintain their Web pages, which can be time consuming, Volding said.

"(With this), they are in control of their own website," McDonald said. "We have tried to make it very simple with text boxes that they can just type in. You control yourself what image the public is going to have of your company."

Volding came up with the idea for the site after falling behind on his own company's website at the real estate business he and his wife own. He also spent time surfing other companys' sites and realized that they, too, weren't regularly updated.

Many clients have told him that their new updated sites are helping to bring them more business.

"We try to solve that one problem so they can go do other things," he said.

For more information about the service, contact Voiding at 290-3394 or online at