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Alias Domain Names

Did you know that you can have more than one domain name for your website and/or e-mail? It is easy, inexpensive and you can use two or more domain names, but only pay for your one website.

Here are two different domain names that both go to the same website. Give it a try.

And both these e-mail address go to the same e-mail account.

It looks like you have more than one website, but you really have just one. Maybe you want to promote one domain name in certain areas, but another in a different area.

When you reserve additional domain names using our domain name registration feature, you only pay for the cost of the domain registration, currently $39 for the 1st year, $29 each year thereafter. Because you are a valued customer, we will point the additional domain names to your current website for free.

To reserve additional domain names, or just see what names are still available, visit
then drop us an e-mail asking us to point the new name to your current website. It's that easy.

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Create Virtual Tours

Did you know that you can create your own virtual tours? It is easy, inexpensive and your Remote Control web site is already designed to use them.

Here are two examples of virtual tours.

The program that you use to make virtual tour pictures that will work in your Remote Control Web Site is called Photo Vista. It is very easy. All you do is take a series of overlapping pictures using a standard or digital camera. Once you have the pictures on a disk, Photo Vista stitches them together for you. They are then ready for use on your web site.

To order PhotoVista, go to

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Domain Name Capitalization Rules

Here is a tip that will make your domain name easier to read and remember.

Below are two examples of how the same domain name might appear on a business card or other printed material or written communication. Which one is easier to read?

Consider capitalizing the first letter in words that normally would be seperated by a space. It does not matter if the user types it that way in their browser. CAUTION! This does not apply to anything after the .com.

Here are two examples of the same E-mail address. Which one is easier to read?

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